Be Independent Yet Do Not Be Alone! PBCA Supports You…

Once you are certified, you will be eligible to join the Professional Business Coaches Alliance – North America’s Premier Alliance of Independent Business Coaches!

Business Coach Certification Member BenefitsThe PBCA is home to more than a hundred business coaches from around the United States and Canada who share best practices, tools, strategies, support, and friendship. We get to know each other on skills calls, on our forum, at our conferences and retreats. We have a full-range of members from beginning coaches to some of North America’s most established and highest-earning business coaches and consultants. The best part of the PBCA is that no matter your experience level, you will be supported and welcomed by everyone!

Our member-coaches

  • Value their independence, but they do not want to be alone.
  • Are smart enough to create all their tools and programs from scratch but would rather invest their time working with clients than developing all their own material.
  • Have an “abundance” mindset and appreciate that the “whole” of our membership is so much greater than the sum of our individual coaches! We hope you will join the family!

PBCA Membership Tools Library: As a PBCA member-coach, you will have full-access to a library of over 950 coaching tools including:

Professional Business Coaching Training Certification Alliance Membership Benefits
  • Sample Contacts
  • Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements
  • Client Binder Templates
  • Business Assessment Tools
  • Group Coaching Programs
  • Business Diagnostic Tools
  • Person Effectiveness Tools
  • Seminars / Workshops
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Training Courses
  • Sample Email Marketing Sequences
  • Strategic Planning Templates
  • Much More

All of this material is free for you to download, customize, private label with your own name and logo, and use as your own!

Reasons Certification Matters

Professional Business Coach CertificationWhen you complete a professional business coach certification program, you will understand the powerful coaching fundamentals that are necessary to help your clients maximize their results. You will also understand the biggest mistakes that untrained business coaches make and why they make them.

Professional Business Coach CertificationBusiness coaching is an art and a science. There are fundamentals and competencies that must be adhered to provide high-level coaching to your clients.

Professional Business Coach CertificationYour certification provides credibility to your prospective clients, but even more importantly, it provides you the skills necessary to be an outstanding business coach.

Certification is Only The Beginning!

Continuing Education

Professional Business Coaches Training Certification Continuing EducationVirtual Peer Groups – All PBCA member-coaches are welcome to join our monthly Peer Group calls! These calls are professionally facilitated “mastermind sessions” where you will get the help you need, while also providing your peers any help you can offer. This is a great forum to improve your skills while building relationships with some of the best business coaches in North America!
Community Calls – Periodically, PBCA member-coaches will host teleconferences or webinars to share best practices, programs, tools, or strategies that they are using in their own practices/firms. During these calls, you will learn how to integrate consulting services into your coaching practice. You will learn about strategic planning retreats, business boot camps, fractional services, group coaching programs, pricing fundamentals, scheduling techniques, emerging leaders coaching, social media marketing, selling fundamentals, and more! As an experienced coach, we will all be grateful to you when you volunteer to host a call to share your winning strategies!

North American Conferences

Professional Business Coaches Training Certification ConferencesAnnual Conference is a 2 ½ day, live conference that is chock-full of workshops, seminars, and roundtables. During these conferences, you will learn new skills that can have a tremendously favorable impact on your skills and on your own business. You will also have the opportunity to develop and foster friendships with business coaches from around the world! At our Annual Conference, we award our Business Coach of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards during our Annual Dinner!
PBCA Master Coach Retreat is a 2 ½ day, live conference for business coaches who are billing more than $150,000 per year in revenue. These retreats are less formal than our Annual Conferences and include high-level sessions and discussions that are beneficial for seasoned coaches. This is an exclusive retreat, but the content and notes are shared afterward with our entire membership, so everyone can benefit!

What Our Certified Business Coaches Have to Say

We asked our member business coaches what they thought about the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA) and we got the following feedback on our certification program, business coach trainers, annual conferences, and the overall alliance. Want to hear more? If you are interested in learning more about the PBCA we can connect you with some of our Business Coaches and let you talk with them directly!

Professional Business Coach Rob Sher
“After 9 years as an independent consultant, I was earning mid-six figure level annual earnings when I joined the PBCA. Immediately, I learned new approaches and tools and saw my income jump significantly. The combined wisdom I have access to now keeps paying dividends and has expanded my horizons.”
Rob Sher, Business Coach
Professional Business Coach Fred Reikowsky
“PBCA has been a fantastic organization, it has really helped to succeed in my coaching practice and have also helped me as a person to grow, and with all honesty, I’ve never belonged to such an organization where people are so willing to share, so willing to exchange ideas and thoughts and help each other, that’s colleagues. It’s a phenomenal organization.”
Fred Reikowsky, Business Coach
Professional Business Coach Bernie Heine
“For me the PBCA has been really valuable to grow in my business. I had no experience in running my own business actually prior to PBCA, so just all the tools and that really mostly is a comradery, the working with others, the body coaching. Been able to share on the experiences as with people who have done a great job, and really learning from that. That’s been the pest part of been PBCA.”
Bernie Heine, Business Coach
Professional Business Coach Jim Wiginton
“PBCA has made a tremendous difference actually in mi life. I began coaching about two and a half years ago and John and his training was very instrumental in my success. Very thankful for that. The creativity that have been given the independence I have, I love it! I absolutely love it and the alliance, the friends I’ve made tremendous benefit to my business.”
Jim Wiginton, Business Coach
Professional Business Coach Dennis Bonagur
“I’m Dennis Banagura and I just into an experience quite frankly of a lifetime. I’ve got about thirty years of executive experience running companies. I was forced to be part of an IPO for one of my firms, and as a of late the last five to six years I’ve been doing consulting work. And I was trying to find something new for me, that´ll be exciting where I think I can use me, my individual capabilities and have fun doing it. And so, I had a quest looking for opportunities and I found that this new world the business coaching. Didn’t know about it before, and I did some research and I came across three to four companies, but more importantly I came across to one called PBCA.”
Dennis Bonagura, Business Coach
Professional Business Coach Michael Anderson
“I just love the community of professionals I have gotten to know through the PBCA. Over the last 7 years, I have gained so much insight from my peers. PBCA is about coaches supporting coaches. Sure, there are other franchises and loose associations out there. But, in the PBCA, we freely share our tools, partnerships, and know-how. Even though I had already built a high-six-figure practice before I joined, I would definitely say that the PBCA has been an indispensable part of my continued growth.”
Michael Andersen, Business Coach
Professional Business Coach David Fuller
“David Fuller from Prince George British Columbia, and just finishing up the week at the PBCA training, and you know I’ve known for a couple of years that I’ve wanted to be a coach, I saw another coaching action and thought that you know that’ll be really something that I really liked to do. The guy kinda inspired me and then I took some of the techniques he showed me and I used them in coaching you know some of my friends that needed some help in business and then I was doing my MBA, finishing my MBA. I known I needed to pay for that, kinda do something else. I’ve been in these business for 30 years I’ve had a couple of healthy stores, so I started to looking around into coaching programs and I started on a journey with a franchise, sort of asking a lot of questions and they had some great prep programs seemed!”
David Fuller, Business Coach
Professional Business Coach Wendy Lydon
“The PBCA for me has given me the opportunity to have a comradery with people that think the same, who are experiencing the same, but maybe sometimes even better that I am at something. So, I get to pull that knowledge and be able to leave pretty quickly when applying it. So, its important to me that a coach is a coach, there is this saying that says if there’s no sense on being a preacher, walking anywhere to preach and not preaching while you are walking and so I can’t really ask my clients to do things that I’m not doing for myself. So, I meet with them and I want them to apply so I come here so I can leave and I can apply and the PBCA allows you to do that pretty quickly if you use the tools.”
Wendy Lydon, Business Coach